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Caffe Latte

Espresso, steamed milk & Foam -Iced or hot


Espresso, some steamed milk, mostly foam

Specialty Lattes

Choose Hot or Iced vanilla, mocha, caramel, hazelnut & more


Choose mocha, caramel mocha or white chocolate & espresso, milk & ice blended into a creamy frothy shake!

Iced Caramel Turtle

Espresso, caramel, hazelnut& chocolate. Blended with milk and shaken over ice—soooo good!!

Chai Tea Latte

Originated in India. A sweet concoction of black tea,honey vanilla and spices, blended with milk choose hot or iced

Frozen Fruit Smoothies

100% fruit From Dr. Smoothie®. Did you have your fruit today?

Dreamy Hot Chocolate

So creamy and rich always made with milk. Topped with whipped cream &more chocolate—Addictive

Sweet Hot Steamer

Milk-steamed frothy & thick choose your favorite flavor vanilla, caramel or whatever topped with whip cream! SWEET!

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Each pot is freshly ground & brewed


Shot of espresso in our gourmet coffee

Iced Coffee

Today's brew poured over ice

Hot Tea

Revolution® full leaf gourmet teas.

Iced Tea

Cold & refreshing. Add a flavor shot like peach, mango or raspberry!


Our espresso roast—smooth with thick crema

Box of Coffee To Go

Holds 96 oz of coffee ... approximately 10 cups.

All of our delicious beverages are also available for take-out.

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